Free Women's Self-Defense Workshop - April 2022

AMA Oak Creek is proud to offer a FREE 2-hour workshop for women of all ages to learn the basics of self-defense.

This event will be held at Ascension Martial Arts on Saturday, April 9th, 2022, from 10 am until Noon

You will learn and experience:

  • Situational awareness – watching your surroundings and identifying possible threats
  • How to avoid being an easy target
  • Techniques for escaping a dangerous situation
  • Live demonstrations of martial arts used to disable an attacker
  • Light drills to practice basic self-defense techniques with assistance from our trainers
  • A retired MPD officer will speak to the group and offer valuable personal safety tips

We encourage you to bring friends and family members for this interactive experience but solo attendees are welcome!

The workshop is scheduled for April 9, 2022, from 10 AM until Noon. Please pre-register today as space is limited! 

Please register to attend using this link: Free Women’s Self-Defense Workshop Registration 

It only takes a few moments to register to attend the class: Free Women’s Self-Defense Workshop Registration