Good instructors and their staff should be friendly, personable and considerate. The right instructor will make your martial arts experience great! During your Trial Program, you should feel comfortable asking questions and gathering information. An instructor should have their qualifications available when asked. Make sure you can verify their training. Ask what their program’s governing body is, and how long they have been affiliated.


The school should be clean and organized. Professional people keep a professional appearance. Check to see that the equipment is in good repair and the workout area is safe.


Trust your initial feeling when you meet the instructors. It is not a question of whether they will push you to train hard, but more of the way they go about it. A good positive attitude travels through the school and the students. You will benefit in your training from an instructor that makes you feel warm and welcome and enjoys what he/she teaches.


Note how large each class is, along with how many instructors/assistants. Class size should be manageable for the instructor, so everyone has a chance to have focused instruction. Also note the number of intermediate and advanced students. If a school has good instruction and a good attitude, it is reflected in the number of advanced students who have continued to practice.


Make sure the style of martial arts the school teaches is what you are looking for. If you have health issues, don’t sign up for a high cardio class without your doctor’s approval. Make sure the program fits your needs.


Fees range from monthly to multiple months or yearly contracts. It is really your choice as to what you are comfortable paying. Ask if there are penalty fees, however, if you have to leave or get out of the contract. Most schools offer a trial lesson or lessons so you can see if the school is right for you. Ask for their fees at the trial program. There is no reason to go through the trial if you cannot afford the fees for the regular program.