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Classes for Kids/Teens/Adults

Our Little Dragons program teaches the fundamentals of martial arts in a fun and engaging way that is developmentally appropriate for their age. Along with basic martial arts skills and etiquette, students will also learn how to follow instructions and work with others while gaining confidence in their abilities and having fun. The pace of the class keeps student’s minds and bodies engaged for the duration of the class. The instructors know how children learn best at this age and break down the skills so that they are easy to understand and remember.

Our Kids Martial Arts program is where many students start their journey in martial arts training. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of martial arts and progress at their own pace, gaining skills and confidence in their abilities in and out of martial arts classes. Students will build upon basic skills and learn more complex techniques with an emphasis on focus and etiquette. Classes are engaging and paced to match the energy level of the students. Students are challenged both physically and mentally while having fun with fellow students.

Our Teen Martial Arts program is where teens can continue their martial arts training, learning to improve strength, speed, agility and control. At this age, students are expected to become role models in the school, building on their self-confidence. This class teaches students how to be leaders in and out of AMA, teaching them ways to deal with conflicts, problem solve and model successful habits for martial arts training and life.

Whether it’s weight loss, toning or cardiovascular fitness, our Adult Martial Arts program is designed for a wide range of ability levels from beginners to advanced. Students will start with the fundamentals of self-defense and progress at their own pace and timing. This class will challenge your individual endurance, strength, coordination, speed and balance in a fun and fitness-filled workout. Students will work individually and in groups to practice and learn together and from each other. Not only will you continually learn new techniques and skills, you will get a great workout and make new friends along the way.

Other Classes

This class is a fun way for families to work and train together. Adult students and children practice and learn side by side in this class. As a family oriented school, we encourage families to learn and grow in their martial arts training together.

Fitness Kickboxing is a hard-hitting workout designed to increase your aerobic and strength levels through basic martial arts techniques. Our instructors utilize punching bags and other martial arts equipment to maximize cardiovascular and muscular strength building, increase your balance and give you a full body workout.

Our Circuit Training class is taught by a certified personal trainer who is also a 3rd degree blackbelt instructor at AMA.  This class will challenge and increase your strength, power, and stamina through a variety of ever-changing aerobic and strengthening exercises.  She uses the TRX suspension trainer total body workout to improve balance, mobility, strength, endurance and flexibility. Students rotate through different stations in a timed circuit.  No two classes are ever alike.  No matter what your fitness ability is, the instructor will adapt the exercises to accommodate your abilities, challenges and goals.


01  Taekwondo

Taekwondo, or the way of the hand and foot, is a Korean martial art based on self-defense. It is most known for it’s fast kicks, strong blocks, and powerful punches. 

02  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

Jiu-Jitsu is the art of submission and ground work (similar to wrestling). It focuses mostly on grappling and ground fighting, using the other person’s weight against them, gaining leverage and the ability to use strikes and submission holds.

03  Muay Thai kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing or “the art of 8 limbs”, is a striking art which uses fists, elbows, shins, knees, and clinching techniques. 

04  Special Classes / Groups

AMA will tailor a program specifically for your small or large group. You can attend our school or have us come to you. Whether it be Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, daycare, school or workplace, our programs provide self-defense, fitness and fun! With our guidance you will learn proper methods of stretching, exercising, self-defense and martial arts techniques. Contact us for more infomation.

The FREE Trial Program

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn martial arts, but you just want to try it first? Our trial program is perfect for you! You’ll receive one individual lesson with a qualified instructor and a FREE 10 day trial. In this program you’ll get a taste of the warm ups, techniques and atmosphere of a typical class. It’s a great way for you to ask questions, talk to the instructor and evaluate the program to see if it is what you’re looking for. If you would like to continue with your training after the trial program, with the help of the instructor, the right program will be chosen to meet your skill level. We want you to join AMA because you are comfortable and confident that our school will help you achieve your goals.

Call or text us at 414-856-9100 or fill out our FREE trial program form below.

Ascension Martial Arts proudly offers: Military, Police and Fire discounts with proper identification. Check in with us today!

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