Kickboxing Classes in Oak Creek:
Lose Weight + Get Fit + Gain Self-Defense Skills
Lock in your FREE two-week trial plus BONUS offers!

For a very limited number of new students, we are offering a FREE two-week trial of our classes PLUS a 1-on-1 session with a trainer to maximize your enjoyment and results. By locking in today, you will also receive a BONUS savings offer valued at $295.

Kickboxing classes at Ascension Martial Arts are a fun, exhilarating workout designed to increase your aerobic and strength levels.

Build Strength and Stamina
Kickboxing routines use punching and kicking bags + floor exercises to build strength and stamina.
Learn Self-Defense
Kickboxing moves and techniques can build confidence and provide safety in self-defense situations.
Enjoy Your Workouts
​Our instructors motivate you to get the best results. No more boring reps on the same old machines.

What are kickboxing classes at Ascension Martial Arts all about?

Our instructors utilize punching bags and other martial arts equipment to maximize cardiovascular and muscular strength building, increase your balance and give you a full-body workout.

There is no physical contact with instructors or other students. (Sparring drills are introduced in more advanced levels of kickboxing training)

No matter what your fitness ability is, the instructor will adapt the exercises to accommodate your abilities, challenges, and goals.

Why Join Ascension - AMA instead of a different martial arts school in Oak Creek?

We are committed to serving not only our students but our families and community as well. Our school is locally-owned and operated, not a franchise or part of a larger chain. You deserve only the best for your body and mind. Trust Ascension Martial Arts kickboxing fitness classes.
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What ​not ​to expect from Ascension Martial Arts

No Guessing
Students are never left guessing what to do next. You will be guided through each session by a trained instructor.
No Hidden Fees
All costs of the program are disclosed upfront. No surprises or hidden fees are required to participate.
No Intimidation
Our school is a safe place to learn new skills, get in shape, and have fun. No intimidation or bullying is allowed.
No Long Commitments
Our students stay in our classes because they want to, not because they have to. No lengthy contracts to sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I start martial arts fitness if I’m not in great shape?
Absolutely! We recommend you take your time and go at your own pace. We will work with each student individually to determine your goals of physical and cardio fitness, stress relief, coordination, flexibility, strengthening, and toning.
Will I get hit or need to hit others in kickboxing classes?

No! Our kickboxing classes are focused on fitness and skills development. Punching bags, resistance, aerobics, and weights are used. No physical contact with trainers or other students is necessary to participate.

Is it safe to workout at Ascension Martial Arts during COVID?
Yes! We are taking every possible precaution to ensure our students safety during COVID. Our staff is cleaning and disinfecting all touchpoints between classes. Staff and students wear masks and are distanced properly during all classes.

Request Your Free 2-Week Trial and Get Started Now!

Our kickboxing fitness class sizes are limited so we only provide this offer to a few new students each month. Once the classes fill up, you will be placed on our waiting list. Currently, we have 4 openings remaining. Take action now and be rewarded!
A black belt at Ascension
is not given, it is earned

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