Adult Martial Arts Classes in Oak Creek:
Learn and Level-up in Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and Taekwondo
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Adult Martial Arts at AMA Oak Creek are a great way to get in shape, challenge yourself and learn valuable skills, Whether just beginning or working towards your next belt certification

Positive Environment
AMA is well-known for offering a safe and welcoming environment for all to learn martial arts.
Learn Valuable Skills
Martial Arts skills and techniques can build confidence and provide safety in self-defense situations.
Accomplishments Earned
​Our instructors are knowledgeable and encouraging to help you achieve your personal goals.

At AMA Oak Creek, We Offer Beginner to Advanced Classes in Martial Arts for Adults and Teens.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

Jiu-Jitsu is the art of submission and groundwork (similar to wrestling). It focuses mostly on grappling and ground fighting, using the other person’s weight against them, gaining leverage and the ability to use strikes and submission holds. 


Taekwondo, or the way of the hand and foot, is a Korean martial art based on self-defense. It is most known for its fast kicks, strong blocks, and powerful punches.

To facilitate fast, turning kicks, Taekwondo generally adopts stances that are narrower and taller than the wide stances used by martial arts such as karate.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

Muay Thai Kickboxing or “the art of 8 limbs”, is a striking art that uses fists, elbows, shins, knees, and clinching techniques. 

We also offer a fitness kickboxing program, which is a kickboxing-style workout class. 

Teen Martial Arts (13+)

Our Teen Martial Arts program is where teens can continue their martial arts training, learning to improve strength, speed, agility and control. At this age, students are expected to become role models in the school, building on their self-confidence.

This class teaches students how to be leaders inside and outside of AMA, teaching them ways to deal with conflicts, problem solve and model successful habits for martial arts training and life.

Adult Martial Arts (18+)

Whether it’s weight loss, toning or cardiovascular fitness, our Adult Martial Arts program is designed for a wide range of ability levels from beginners to advanced.

Students start with the fundamentals of self-defense and progress at their own pace and timing. This class will challenge your individual endurance, strength, coordination, speed and balance in a fun and fitness-filled workout.

Students get to work individually and in groups to practice and learn together and from each other. Not only will you continually learn new techniques and skills, but you will also get a great workout and make new friends along the way.

Why Join Ascension - AMA instead of a different martial arts school in Oak Creek?

We are committed to serving not only our students but our families and community as well. Our school is locally-owned and operated, not a franchise or part of a larger chain. Your children deserve only the best in their martial arts training. You can trust Ascension Martial Arts to deliver.

What ​not ​to expect from Ascension Martial Arts

No Guessing
Students are never left guessing what to do next. Our classes are structured and well-organized.
No Hidden Fees
All costs of the program are disclosed upfront. No surprises or hidden fees are required to participate.
No Intimidation
Our school is a safe place to learn new skills, get exercise, and have fun. No intimidation or bullying is allowed.
No Long Commitments
Our students stay in our classes because they want to, not because they have to. No lengthy contracts to sign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Start Martial Arts if I’m not in Great Shape?
Absolutely! We recommend you take your time and go at your own pace. We will work with each student individually to determine goals of physical and cardio fitness, stress relief, coordination, flexibility, strengthening and toning. Martial arts are an artistic discipline, a physical workout, a way of life. We will help you find the balance.
Do I need to be athletic to be in Martial Arts?

No, in fact many people who do not excel at other sports truly blossom in martial arts. You will build strength, agility, coordination, flexibility and accuracy as you learn the techniques.

Are classes at Ascension Martial Arts safe during COVID?

Yes! We are taking appropriate precautions to ensure our students’ safety during COVID. Our staff is cleaning and disinfecting all touchpoints between classes. Masks and social distancing are encouraged.

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A black belt at Ascension
is not given, it is earned

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